Saturday, March 7, 2009

Something had to give

Summer and fall were easy. Work was reasonable, days were long, and if I wanted to spend more time with my family or was pressed to squeeze in a workout, I'd use a couple of hours of leave time and have at it. My time has gotten much tighter after Christmas and these last couple of weeks, work has exploded on me. I won a project that wants to eat me alive, and it's on a schedule that exactly parallels my preparation for the Games Qualifiers. I'm hoping that time spent now in the planning phase of the job will allow the rest of it to flow smoother and me to get back to my routine. For now, however, something had to take a back seat to the new job, and that something was, well, everything - less time for workouts, less time for family, less down-time for reading or surfing or blogging.

Actually, this is a fitness blog, and in that name fitness comes first, so if I don't have a workout to report, there won't be a blog that day. Conversely, if you don't see anything posted here or see only one post in 10 days like this latest stretch, it's simply because I'm slacking off (at least in the gym). On that note, enough talk, I actually got something done today.


Air squats
Bear complex 45 x 7
Hip mobility drills (an old floor bar routine from my days as a dancer)

Push press 95 x 7 x 2

Muscle-up progressions (Tuck's pull to toe-assisted transition and dip)
    done from knees with rings at chest height, shoulder height, head height
    3-3-3 up and -3-3 down (more of a jumping MU at head height)

Heavy stuff
Back squat 45x5, 135x5, 185x3, 225x2 (felt heavy), 245x1, 250x5 (ugly), 260x5 (not pretty), 270x5 (solid)

That matches my old 5RM, and I had more in me. Looking forward to my next heavy squat day. That 5RM has stood since last fall.

Core work
Barbell getup-situp 45x10

2 rounds:

      20 C2B Pullups
      30 Pushups
      40 Situps
      50 Squats
      3:00 rest between rounds

Started a 3rd round, but after my first 12 pullups, I was positively cooked. I simply could not get the last inch of the chest-to-bar pullups. After missing 5 consecutive (with rest between), I pulled the plug on the workout. I've got more pullups tomorrow, and after the MU progressions, my pull was pretty worked. Tomorrow might be a good day to play with butterfly pullups instead of the C2Bs.

Did a little video analysis of my push press. It's getting better, but at speed I still revert to quad-dominance. More practice. More practice. Also caught a video of my second work set of squats. Third set was much better and would be fun to show off, but it's probably more useful for me to catch my errors on film than my successes.

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Jay Ashman said...

thats a hell of a barbara with c2B...

I just gotta find more hardcore short metcons to work with, some of them don't do anything to make me work hard... :(