Saturday, April 11, 2009

Get with the program

Now that I've decided to leave the CFSB behind until after the Qualifiers, you may ask, "What does my new program look like?" Funny, I have pretty much the same question. The new program has a few key characteristics, including:
  • an emphasis on intense metcons and associated suffering;
  • skill work to address my weaknesses (overhead lifts [shoulder strength and the dip-drive], hamstring/shoulder flexibility, and have I mentioned endurance and muscular stamina?); and
  • not too time consuming, as I'm busy at work.

Sound familiar to anyone? Could be the MainPage WOD, couldn't it? Just what I was doing back in January to get on track for the Games, before I decided to do a CFSB cycle first. Well, as much as I admire Coach G's programming, he doesn't know my weaknesses, my varying schedule, the equipment I have available in my travels, or the weather around here. Still, the format of this new program will be familiar. There will be the occasional CFSB-like day (particularly shoulder press day), where I warmup, do skill work, do heavy work, endurance work, and a metcon, but I won't have the time for that every day, and I need to attack some longer metcons. I will regularly pick metcons from the mainpage, not cherry-picking so much as goat-herding; I will do my share of short, brutish, heavy metcons of the style that I expect to see at the Qualifiers; and I will do a series of Girls to benchmark my progress relative to where I was when I started to think about going to the Qualifiers. Many days, I'll also do skill-work also to address weaknesses, like push presses and jerks, muscle-ups, handstand pushups, etc.

Saturday's workout also marks another change in my workout program. I went to the Y and had a fun, little warmup, where I did a nice variety of gymnastics work as part of my warmup on the plush gymnastics mat. However, when I went down to the weight room to do some overhead lifting, I couldn't find a single space where I could safely bail. This, despite the fact that there were only three other people there. They'd moved the furniture around in such a way as to maximize the impression of space for people whose intent was to find a place to rest their alternately underdeveloped or oversized ass, while they isolated that particular muscle group that was sure to make all members of the opposite sex swoon with desire. Now, I'm in the habit of redecorating the room to make space for myself, but this time, there was simply nowhere to move the various benching units to make space for some snatches and overhead squats that wouldn't put them on top of one of the three other people in the room. I simply gave up and went home, deciding that it was preferable to hit my workout in the 40-degree garage and out in the rain. I owe the directors at the Y a letter explaining the reason for my cancelled membership, but that's a matter for another day, because my hope is that I can be diplomatic and persuasive enough that they'll consider their failure to provide value to somebody with the simplest of needs by the time next winter rolls around. (I don't intend to live in this same place long enough to make insulating, heating, and pouring a new floor in my garage a worthwhile investment.)



Free-standing handstands
Forward rolls, shoulder rolls, handstand rolls, hand-walking, cartwheels
HSPU on parallettes (partial ROM and full ROM [ears below bars] in pike position)

Burgener warmup x 2 (once at Y; once at home)
Snatch-OHS-snatch balance complex 75x2, 95


5 rounds:

    400m run
    15 OHS, 95#


Pretty happy with that for my first time as Rx'd. I did everything unbroken with the only rests coming before I picked up the bar and then with the bar overhead (unless you count that slow first half of the run in the last round, where I was recovering from a screaming metcon headache). This almost gave me the Fran cough - just the kind of effort I need to produce more often.

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jenna said...

Good work at Nancy! That sucks about having to leave the Y, but, hey, you'll find a way to get your workouts in. Maybe they will accomodate you and you can go back....