Saturday, April 18, 2009

You're never ready. It's just your turn.

They say it about death and bullriding. I often find myself saying it about CF workouts, so the last time I asked myself whether I was (or would be) ready for the Qualifiers, I just said "Screw it." It was time to find out. There's no more time to patiently build strength or perfect technique. I need to hit some of those heavy Qualifier workouts and just see what happens. Enter Qualifier workout #1 - Fat Helen. I bottom loaded my DB, so it would swing more like a KB. I'd never swung a 70# DB for more than a few reps before, and the longer lever arm of the bottom-loaded DB was a rude shock to the system, but it wasn't any worse than a bunch of heavy DLs. I don't feel great about my performance, but it didn't totally suck either, so I can't complain.

I've got another four weeks to train before the Qualifiers. The objective - make the time cut in every workout, and don't finish DFL in any heat. (Anything better will be a pleasant suprise.) Regardless, I don't intend to be suprised by the workout elements. There will be a lot of heavy metcons between now and then.


Jump rope 5:00
CFCC Dynamic mobility
Shoulder mobility quartet
Burgener warmup (just because)
TGU 35x3
DB Swings 35x10, 55x5, 65x3, KB-style 70x3

Fat Helen

3 rounds:

    Run 400m
    21 KB swings, 70#
    12 C2B Pullups

C2B's were broken into singles and doubles, because the swings took so much out of me. Swings were broken into 10 to start but mostly 4-6s thereafter. Pretty sure I could get down near 14 minutes, now that I know what a bunch of 2-pood swings feel like on my back.

Ring work
5 STC, pike through to L-hang (gotta get back to more of these soon)
MU progressions
4 consecutive MUs (PR)

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